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SKU 16.2113-B
As Low As $17.35
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General Bulletin Product No. 9110
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Three Kings Charcoal - Quick Lighting
Frankincense - Incense - 1 Lb. Box
Jerusalem Blend - Incense - 1 Lb. Box
Roman Blend - Incense - 1 Lb. Box
Gloria F8 Cathedral Blend - Incense - 1 Lb. Bag
Three Kings Blend #3 - Incense - 1 Lb. Box
Three Kings Blend #3 - Incense - 1 oz. Packets
Three Kings Pontifical - Incense - 1 Lb. Box
SKU 252
SKU 254
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Starting at $5.00
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SKU K-3301-1
Clergy Sign Product No. K-3301-1
As Low As $7.20
SKU K-3305-1
Clergy Sign Product No. K-3305-1
As Low As $8.85
SKU K-50-O
SKU K-50-LR-1
10" x 14" Flannel Bag Red Product No. K-50-LR-1
As Low As $7.95
SKU K-50-SR-1
7" x 7" Flannel Bag Red Product No. K-50-SR-1
As Low As $4.95
SKU K-50-MR-1
8" x 12" Flannel Bag Red Product No. K-50-MR-1
As Low As $6.75
Lamb of God - 1 1/8 Inch Diameter
Crucifix - 1 5/16 Inch Diameter
IHS - 15/16 Inch Diameter
IHS - 15/16 Inch Diameter Product No. wafer4
Out of Stock
SKU waferpriest
IHS - 2-1/2 Inch Diameter Product No. waferpriest
CHI RHO w/ Alpha and Omega - 1 3/8 Inch Diameter
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Shop Church Supplies for Sale Online

Mass would not be complete without the proper church supplies. Often, we take for granted those big and little “extras” that make mass so special. From ornamental altar linens and altar banners to incense and religious candles, T. H. Stemper Co. provides an extensive variety of church supplies suited to each individual parish’s needs.

Our church goods include:

Eucharistic Hosts for Special Diets

Hosts for Dietary RestrictionsCommunion is one of the most important parts of any church service. To ensure everyone gets to celebrate, we offer multiple hosts for parishioners who adhere to special diet restrictions. These include:

These hosts are available with stamped designs or plain. Enhance your congregations’ mass experience with all our church supply essentials.

Church Care and Cleaning Supplies

Worship spaces, even treated with the utmost respect, can still become dirty and worn-down over time. And accidents can happen at any time, especially during children’s masses. T.H. Stemper has basic church cleaning supplies for all those mass mishaps. We even have “Wine Away” and wax remover to clean spills.

Shop our complete selection of church supplies or browse our line of religious gifts and memorabilia.