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Chasuble Terra; Cross motifs
Starting at $375.00
Chasuble Pius, Cross Motif
Starting at $535.00
Misto Lana Chasuble with 713 Embroidery
White Chasuble Product No. 713S
SKU 3978
Starting at $450.00
SKU 842
Starting at $160.00
SKU 840
Starting at $160.00
SKU 845
Starting at $272.00
SKU 851
Starting at $272.00
SKU 864
Starting at $272.00
SKU 2002
Starting at $235.00
SKU 873
Starting at $272.00
SKU 860
Starting at $272.00
SKU 2018
Starting at $272.00
SKU 854
Starting at $312.00
SKU 859
Starting at $312.00
SKU 997
Starting at $231.00
SKU 999
Starting at $231.00
SKU 852
Starting at $231.00
SKU 2028
Starting at $160.00
SKU 2026
Starting at $160.00
SKU 2023
Starting at $160.00
SKU 2032
Starting at $160.00
SKU 841
Starting at $160.00
SKU 871
Starting at $160.00
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Shop High-Quality Affordable Priest Chasubles for Every Season

T.H. Stemper Co. is proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality, affordable priest chasubles for every season of the liturgical calendar to meet your budget and serve your needs. Each chasuble is crafted with beautiful details and encompasses a variety of designs, colors and fabrics. 

We understand the significance of chasubles in the worship experience. These vestments serve as symbols of faith, and our aim is to provide the highest quality chasubles possible at prices you can afford. Experience the stunning aspects of liturgical tradition with our priest chasubles and lead your congregation with confidence and grace. 

We Sell Chasubles in Every Liturgical Color 

Find chasubles for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time all in one place! 

Green Chasubles for Sale
Green Chasubles
 represent hope and perseverance. Green chasubles are worn during Ordinary Time.

Red Chasubles for Sale
Red Chasubles
 represent the blood of The Lord and the martyrdom of the saints. Red chasubles are worn for Palm Sunday, Pentecost, Good Friday, the Feast of the Passion of the Lord, Feasts of martyrs, apostles and evangelists, and for the sacrament of confirmation.

Purple Chasubles for Sale
Violet Chasubles
 represent penance, waiting and mourning. Violet chasubles are worn during Lent and Advent as well as for the sacraments of reconciliation and anointing of the sick.

White Chasubles Available
White Chasubles
represent purity, joy and the resurrection. White chasubles are worn on Holy Thursday, during the Easter season, for the Feast of St. John, the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter and the Feast of All Saints, as well as for the sacraments of baptism, matrimony and holy orders. 

Rose Chasubles For Sale
Rose Chasubles
 are worn for the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent to represent solemnity and joy.

Black Chasuble Design
Black Chasubles 
represent mourning and are worn for All Souls Day and requiem Masses.

We also carry gold chasubles, which symbolize the birth and resurrection of Christ and can be worn during funerals to represent life and for any other occasion in place of any other color chasuble throughout the liturgical year. Call or message us with your specific gold chasuble needs! 

Everything else you need is right here at T.H. Stemper Co. Shop our selection of cincturesgarment bags and pectoral crosses. We have the best selection of high-quality Christian and Catholic church supplies at the most affordable prices. 

Shop our full inventory of chasubles and church supplies today!