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Chasubles Brugia; Ornata
Starting at $613.00
Chasuble Dupion; Regina
Chasuble Dupion; Regina Product No. 2749
Starting at $630.00
Chasuble Terra; Cross motifs
Starting at $375.00
Chasuble Pius, Cross Motif
Starting at $420.00
Misto Lana Chasuble with 713 Embroidery
White Chasuble Product No. 713S
SKU 3978
Starting at $450.00
SKU 3361
Starting at $925.00
SKU 5034
Starting at $1,382.00
SKU 3262
Marian Chasuble in Pius Product No. 3262
Starting at $325.00
SKU 3950
Starting at $988.00
SKU 842
Starting at $152.00
SKU 840
Starting at $152.00
SKU 845
Starting at $259.00
SKU 851
Starting at $259.00
SKU 864
Starting at $259.00
SKU 2002
Starting at $235.00
SKU 873
Starting at $259.00
SKU 860
Starting at $259.00
SKU 2018
Starting at $259.00
SKU 854
Starting at $297.00
SKU 859
Starting at $297.00
SKU 997
Starting at $220.00
SKU 999
Starting at $220.00
SKU 852
Starting at $220.00
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Affordable Clergy Apparel for Priests, Deacons, and Acolytes

Chasubles are the outermost vestment used in celebrating Eucharistic mass, and are a necessity for priests and Catholic Churches to purchase. T. H. Stemper values quality made chasubles from reputable church apparel manufacturers so we partner with the industry's most trusted producers of religious vestments, including Slabbinck.

Our new and used church supplies store offer the best selection of chasubles in a variety of designs, colors and materials to uphold the highest standards in clergy vestments. These chasubles are made to fit directly over albs. Don't settle for poorly made chasubles, get liturgical vestments which are designed to withstand frequent wear! You’ll save yourself time and money when purchasing reliable, high quality church apparel from T.H. Stemper.

Shop Chasubles by Liturgical Colors

In order to properly celebrate the Christian liturgy, parishes follow symbolic color schemes relating to season, sacramental events and specific liturgical feasts.  In keeping with the Roman Rite reformed by Pope Paul VI, a standard rubric of liturgical colors is to be used. Some examples include:

Green Chasubles for Sale
– Ordinary Time Sundays and Ferias.

Red Chasubles for Sale
– Palm Sunday, Pentecost, Good Friday, Feast of the Passion of the Lord, Feasts of Martyrs Apostles and Evangelists, Sacrament of Confirmation.

Purple Chasubles for Sale
– Sundays and Ferias in Lent and Advent, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Sacrament of the Sick.

White Chasubles Available
– Holy Thursday, Easter Season, Feast of All Saints, Sacrament of Baptism, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Feast of St. John, Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter.

Rose Chasubles For Sale
– Third Sunday of Advent, Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Black Chasuble Design
– All Soul’s Day, Requiem Masses.

Add supplemental assets to your clergy apparel with various religious accessories, including cinctures, garment bags and pectoral crosses. For the best selection of high quality Christian and Catholic church supplies, trust T. H. Stemper to provide you with the industry's most affordable prices.

Shop our line of chasubles or our complete selection of church supplies for all your Christian and Catholic church needs.