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Baptism Accessories


Bapt Bowl
Baptismal Bowl Set Product No. K-313
SKU K-331
Starting at $220.00
Bapt Bowl
Starting at $175.00
Bapt Bowl
Baptismal Bowl Product No. K-307
Bapt Candlestick
Starting at $120.00
Bapt Font
Baptismal Font Product No. K-300
Bapt Font
Bapt Set
Baptismal Set Product No. K-352
Bapt Set
Starting at $270.00
Bapt Set
Starting at $365.00
Bapt Set
Starting at $245.00
Bapt Shell
Starting at $90.00
SKU K-421
Starting at $68.00
Bronze Bapt Bowl
Bronze Baptismal Bowl Product No. K-341
SKU K-314
Starting at $540.00
Cover Only for K351 Bapt Font Product No. K-351-COVER
SKU 0000000NS-956D
Baptism Shell Product No. NS-956D
SKU 0000000NS-152D
Baptism Shell Product No. NS-152D
SKU 00000000NS-151
Baptism Shell Product No. NS-151
SKU K-345-4
Baptismal Bowl Product No. K-345-4
Starting at $110.00
SKU K-313-A

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As the first religious rite of passage, baptism is the most important sacrament and the most sacred christening ceremony in one’s life. Many longstanding traditions are involved in this rite, including godparents, relatives and close family friends giving baptism gifts. The baptism shell is also a staple in the religious rite, as it dates back to the time of Jesus Christ when seashells were a convenient means to pour the water over the head of the individual being baptized. The baptism candlestick is used to symbolize the eternal light carried within after being baptized.  T. H. Stemper understands the sacrament of baptism is one to be held in high esteem and honored with the highest quality baptism church supplies. We offer an incredible selection of modestly priced baptism accessories, including baptism candle products, baptism bowls and basins, baptism shells, portable baptism font varieties and baptism sets. Most of our baptism accessories come in gold plated, silver plated, nickel plated, bronze, brass and sterling silver. Whatever your baptismal needs, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for with T. H. Stemper Church Supplies. As always we deliver the fairest prices on all religious gifts, sanctuary appointments, clergy apparel and church supplies for the best value on all your religious needs.

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