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Overlay Stole
Overlay Stole Product No. OLS-707
Reconciliation Stole
Reconciliation Stole Product No. 923
Reconciliation Stole (Reversible)
SKU 2156
Deacon stole Product No. 2156
SKU 2504
Deacon stole Product No. 2504
Call for Price
SKU 2605
Deacon stole Product No. 2605
SKU 2752
Deacon stole Product No. 2752
SKU 3110
Deacon stole Product No. 3110
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Shop Clergy Stoles for Sale Online at a Great Value

Priest stoles and deacon stoles are worn to represent different church celebrations. Finding the right colors and designs are critical when purchasing your liturgical vestments. T. H. Stemper understands the importance of affordable, quality made church apparel. We offer a great selection of clergy stoles in a variety of colors and materials to accommodate your priest apparel needs. Whether you need a priest travel stole, reversible stole, reconciliation stole, an overlay stole or an Easter stole, we have the highest quality deacon and priest stoles to suit your liturgical vestment requirements. If you're a priest on the go, check out our priest travel stoles.

Don't compromise on the quality of your church vestments with poorly made clergy stoles, get durable and long-lasting church apparel at the best value from our extensive line of Christian and Catholic Church supplies. T. H. Stemper is your one-stop-shop for new and used church supplies.

Pastor Stoles for All Religions

Stoles are worn by pastors and preachers from many different religions while holding a different meaning for each. For the Catholic priest, the stole identifies any members of the ordained clergy. It represents the bond between the priesthood and God and denotes their duty to spread the Word of God. For Lutherans, clergy stoles are only worn by pastors as there is only one order of ordination. Stempers carries only the highest quality stoles and serves all different religions, so whether you are Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran or from any other branch of Christianity, we can help you. Don't see a specific type that you need? Contact us and we'll get it for you.

Buy Supplemental Church Apparel Accessories

T.H. Stemper has everything you need to complete your outfit. This includes cinctures, garment bagshangers and pectoral crosses for all the basic essentials in clergy vestments.

View the priest stoles for sale below or shop our entire selection of priest vestments and church apparel for sale online now.