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Marriage is a celebration of love for one another and love for God. As a holy sacrament of the Catholic church, weddings are a time for couples to celebrate their relationship with their entire church family. One popular way to celebrate the couple coming together as one is through unity candles and sand vases. At T.H. Stemper, our church supplies include unity items for wedding ceremonies. We also carry a wide variety of wedding cake toppers and religious gifts for Christian couples.

Unity Candles with Holders

Unity candles are popular for all types of Christian wedding ceremonies. At one point during the service, two taper candles are lit by the families of the bride and groom. In some cases the couple may light their own candles. The couple then bring their individual candles together to light a third candle which shows their newfound unity in Christ.

Along with unity candles, we sell holy matrimony candles with a variety of holders. Since the use of unity candles is not traditionally part of the Catholic Rite of Marriage, these candles are recommended to be used at the reception.

Unity Sand and Vases

Unity sand is a relatively new trend for Christian couples. Instead of lighting a single candle, the couple each pours a different colored sand into a glass vase. The beautiful mixture of colors represents two spirits coming together in Christ’s love. How the sand is poured can influence the final design, so couples may want to practice.

Unity sand is ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies where unity candles may get blown out. Unlike the candles, the unity sand vase can be continually displayed by the couple.

Religious Wedding Gifts for Christian Couples

Going to a wedding soon and need a gift? Shop our wide selection of inspiring, religious wedding gifts for Christian couples. We carry everything from wedding crosses to engraved photo frames. We are sure to have a gift the special couple will love and cherish.

Order Christian wedding gifts online or visit the T.H. Stemper store to shop our selection of Christian and Catholic church supplies.