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Oplatki Christmas Wafers for Sale

Traditional Christmas Eve Oplatek

Oplatki is a special type of wafer served at a Christmas Eve vigil known as Wigilia. Oplatki, derived from the Latin word oblatum (sacred bread), is a symbol of Christianity and Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. The wafers are usually served by Christian families in:

  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia

The practice has spread around the world as Central European immigrants from have brought the oplatki with them. T.H. Stemper sells stamped oplatki Christmas wafers in individual or bulk packs. Prepacked oplatki comes 3 white and 1 pink per envelope.

Celebrate with Family, Friends, and Pets!

In Central Europe, Christian families celebrate Christmas by serving a festive 12 course meatless dinner. An extra setting is placed for a beggar or poor family who may come to the door looking for a place to stay and a meal to eat. The gathered then recite a special prayer, break off a piece of oplatki, and pass it on. This process gives everyone present a chance to exchange blessings.

Oplatki is safe for pets too! It’s tradition to feed pets and farm animals pieces from the pink oplatki wafer. This is a reminder of God’s love for all His creatures.

Buy oplatki for Christmas Eve or shop Christmas church supplies online.