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Bishops Appointments

Bishop Crozier (Cross)
Starting at $4,200.00
Bishop Crozier (Lamb)
Starting at $4,200.00
Crozier Case
Crozier Case Product No. K-61
SKU K-62-W
Starting at $645.00
Pectoral Cross w/ 32" chain
Pectoral Cross
Pectoral Cross Product No. K-917
SKU K-62
Starting at $695.00
SKU 5220
SKU 5536
Bishops Ring Product No. 5536
SKU 7574
Bishops Ring Product No. 7574
SKU 7579
Bishops Ring Product No. 7579
SKU 7584
Bishops Ring Product No. 7584
SKU 7585
Bishops Ring Product No. 7585
SKU 7580
Bishops Ring Product No. 7580
SKU 7567
Bishops Ring Product No. 7567
SKU 4040
Bishops Ring Product No. 4040
SKU 5075
Bishops Ring Product No. 5075
SKU 7572
Chain Product No. 7572
SKU 7573
Chain Product No. 7573
SKU K-69
Bishop Urn for Holy Oil Product No. K-69
Starting at $765.00
Ceremonial of Bishops
Ceremonial of Bishops Product No. 978081461818

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As highly respected and revered clergy members of the Christian religion, Bishops are bestowed the highest quality church supplies. T. H. Stemper offers an incredible selection of bishop appointments for use in religious services. Our line of gold plated and silver plated bishop croziers come in both Christian cross and Shepherd’s lamb designs. Decorative bishop crozier attachments come in a protective case for secure storage. We also have humble bishop oil urns in one or two gallon capacities, as well as ornate bishop’s oil stock products. T. H. Stemper is your comprehensive resource for church supplies and religious goods. We thrive on providing the fairest prices on all church supplies, clergy apparel and religious gifts to ensure our customers always receive the best value possible.

Buy bishop oil, bishop croziers and other bishop appointments below or shop our entire selection of sanctuary appointments for sale online.