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SKU K-481
Altar Cross Product No. K-481
Altar Cross
Altar Cross Product No. K-751
SKU K-17-C
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-17-C
Altar Candlestick Product No. K17-C/STICK
SKU K-146
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-146
SKU K-27
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-27
SKU K-525-AC
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-525-AC
Altar Crucifix
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-544-AC
SKU K-535-AC
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-535-AC
Chapel Candlestick
Chapel Candlestick Product No. K-250
Chapel Cross
Chapel Cross Product No. K-251
SKU K-850
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-850
SKU K-840
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-840
SKU K-860
Altar Crucifix Product No. K-860
SKU K-1139-AC
Altar Cross Product No. K-1139-AC
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Church altar appointments are a deep-rooted religious tradition. These sacred and decorative altar appointments represent the church’s unique atmosphere, as well as the origins of traditional religious customs.  T. H. Stemper understands the significance these altar appointments hold in the church. Our selection of church altar appointments is wide ranging and includes brass chapel candlesticks and chapel crosses, altar cross, altar crucifix, as well as church crucifix and candlestick sets. Choose from humble, simplistic designs, or traditional and ornate styles. Whatever your church’s ambiance, you are sure to find the perfect altar appointments at T. H. Stemper. We provide the best selection of church supplies at the fairest prices to always give you the best value on all religious goods.

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