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Collection Basket
Collection Basket
Collection Basket
Collection Basket
Collection Plate
Collection Plate Product No. K-276-B/BRASS
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Two Tone Overflow Basket Product No. 53347
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Rustic Overflow Basket Product No. 53301
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SKU 458H
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Buy Collection Baskets and Church Offering Plates for Sale Online in a Variety of StylesCollection Baskets and Plates

Collection baskets and church offering plates are essential when shopping for new and used church supplies. Collection baskets and church offering plates must be extra durable to withstand frequent handling by parishioners. Collection baskets must have long, strong handles for reaching the length of church pews.

T. H. Stemper knows quality church supplies so we provide handwoven collection baskets and durable nickel or brass offering plates. Collection baskets have optional telescoping handles to effectively reduce wrist strain from frequent church collection service. When you need the best Christian and Catholic church supplies at the most affordable prices, trust T. H. Stemper to handle all your religious needs. Keep metal church offering plates sparkling after every religious service with our line of church cleaning supplies for sale online

Collection Basket and Offering Plate Types Available at T.H. Stemper

Whether you are passing a basket from parishioner to parishioner, or have ushers collecting money and offering envelopes T.H. Stemper has the offertory collection products you need. Our product list includes:

  • Brass or nickel baskets with telescoping and rigid handles
  • Wicker baskets
  • Handled reed baskets
  • Brass collection plates
Buy collection baskets and church offering plates or shop our entire line of sanctuary appointments for the best selection at the best value.