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Insert Candles & Glasses

6 Day Plastic Insert
As Low As $24.60
As Low As $18.25
Inserta-Lite  7-Day - 1 Dozen
Inserta-Lite 7-Day - 1 Dozen Product No. 88367024
As Low As $25.99
5 Day Plastic Insert (Tall)
As Low As $22.60
5 Day Plastic Insert (Short)
As Low As $22.60
1 Dozen Reusable Glass Globes
1 Dozen Reusable Glass Globes
3-Day Sacred Image Globe - Box of 12

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Insert candles are essential for Christian and Catholic churches. Serving a multitude of purposes from creating ambiance to refilling devotional candle holders, insert candles are purchased in massive quantities by churches to ensure they never run out of this staple item. T. H. Stemper Co. supplies the best insert candles for churches. Some of our inventory includes reusable glass globes in clear or colored glass, plastic inserts and 3 to 7 day inserts available in tall or short. Make sure your church has a healthy stock of insert candles on hand to keep church services running smoothly.  

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