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Hymn Book Rack/Communion Cup Holder
Pew Bracket
Pew Bracket Product No. K-538
SKU 255
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 255
SKU 4228
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 4228
Hymn Book Rack
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 4225
Hymn Book Rack
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 4227
Hymn Book Rack
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 4226
Underseat Book Rack
Underseat Book Rack Product No. 258
Hymn Book Rack
Hymn Book Rack Product No. 257
7" Communion Cup Holder
7" Communion Cup Holder Product No. 4104
SKU 4107
Card Holder
Card Holder Product No. 4100
Communion Cup Holder
Communion Cup Holder Product No. 4105
Velvet Reserved Sign Product No. RURC6

Church Pew Accessories Online

Accessorizing church pews and chairs lends flexibility to your church furniture. T.H. Stemper provides a litany of accessories to customize parish furniture so your church can be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. These high-quality furniture add-ons come in a range of stain colors to blend with the furniture you already have, with samples available upon request so you can find the perfect match.

Hymnal Racks

Wooden hymn book racks attach to the rear of pews, chairs, or onto walls to keep hymnals and church literature organized and easy to access. T.H. Stemper supplies churches and parishes with several different styles, models, and sizes of book racks.

Church Pew Communion Cup Holders 

With many churches becoming more conscious of parishioner health concerns, plastic communion cups are becoming more and more commonplace during mass. For these reasons, communion cup holders are an excellent addition to church furniture. We also supply replacement communion cup silencers for our wooden pew additions.

Offering Envelope Racks

T.H. Stemper provides elegant envelope holders to attach to narthex or nave walls, or to the back of church pews. These envelope holders have an opening for a 3.5” card and come in our wide range of stain varieties to match the décor of your church.

Pew Candle Bracket Hardware

Attach candle torches to the back of pews with candle brackets to create a somber or celebratory atmosphere in your church. Our brackets are plated in bright brass.

Reserved Signs

Reserving rows of pews ensures that parishioners celebrating an occasion or sacrament during mass, along with their families and friends, are front and center for their special day. There are three types of reserved signs available at T.H. Stemper to choose from:

  • Flexible Fabric – A flexible clip covered in velvet to fit many pew sizes
  • Fitted Plastic – A durable rigid plastic fits over pew rail size “A”
  • Velvet Drape Style – Classic reserved sign style will fit over any pew or chair
T.H. Stemper sells church pew and chair accessories and a variety of parish furniture types – Order today.