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SKU 16.2113-B
As Low As $17.35
Lamb of God - 1 1/8 Inch Diameter
Crucifix - 1 5/16 Inch Diameter
IHS - 15/16 Inch Diameter
IHS - 15/16 Inch Diameter Product No. wafer4
Out of Stock
SKU waferpriest
IHS - 2-1/2 Inch Diameter Product No. waferpriest
CHI RHO w/ Alpha and Omega - 1 3/8 Inch Diameter
SKU 16.2141
As Low As $13.55
SKU 16.1118
1-1/8" White Hosts Product No. 16.1118
As Low As $12.80
SKU 16.1119
As Low As $12.80
SKU 16.2118
1-1/8" Whole Wheat Hosts Product No. 16.2118
As Low As $16.40
SKU 16.2119
As Low As $16.40
SKU 16.1138
1-3/8" White Hosts Product No. 16.1138
As Low As $17.95
SKU 16.1139
As Low As $13.55
SKU 16.2138
1-3/8" Whole Wheat Hosts Product No. 16.2138
As Low As $22.65
SKU 16.2139
As Low As $17.35
SKU 16.2151
As Low As $15.60
SKU 16.1234
2-3/4" White Hosts Product No. 16.1234
SKU 16.2234
2-3/4" Whole Wheat Hosts Product No. 16.2234
SKU 16.2534
5-3/4" Whole Wheat Hosts Product No. 16.2534
SKU 16.2900
Gluten Free Altar Bread for Sale
Gluten-Free Hosts Product No. 7058
Low Gluten Altar Bread for Sale
Low-Gluten Hosts Product No. CH138-LG
SKU BH1000
Communion Cups Product No. BH1000
As Low As $17.95
Gluten-Free or Low-Gluten Communion Attachments for Ciboriums
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Shop Communion Bread Online

The sacrament of the Eucharist is sacred and a blessed event which should be honored with quality altar breads. Our line of Holy Communion bread is available in white or wheat varieties. Each host is perfectly baked, shaped and smoothed for crumble-free handling and easy consumption breakdown. The communion bread we provide is available in a variety of precision embossed designs, as well as a variety of thicknesses.

Communion Hosts for SaleCommunion hosts include:

  • White
  • Whole wheat
  • Low gluten
  • Gluten free

T. H. Stemper Co. offers the most competitive pricing, the widest selection and the highest quality communion bread to ensure we remain your first choice for the church supplies and religious goods you need. Don’t compromise the sacred sacrament of communion with cheap, brittle and burnt altar bread. Get the best communion bread at the best value right here from our incredible line of church supplies.

Additional Communion Supplies for Sale

There is more to the celebration of the Eucharist than consuming communion hosts. T.H. Stemper carries all the communion ware you need. The sacred vessels we carried include bowls, cups, patens, and more. Don't forget to browse our wide selection of ciboria and chalices for Catholic communion!

Shop communion bread now or browse our entire selection of church supplies and religious gifts for sale online.