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The word alb comes from the Latin word "Albus", meaning 'white'. The formal use of albs as vestments in churches began with the Council of Narbonne in 589 A.D. Currently, albs are worn in the United States by altar servers, acolytes, and sometimes lectors and other lay ministers. 

Server albs signify the baptism of the server, and, in the Catholic Church, the server's calling to be a saint. In the early Anglican Church, the wearing of albs originated from the belief that people involved in holy tasks should don bright white clothing. 

Altar server albs are made in a variety of fabrics and styles, including natural looking flax albs and hooded monastic albs with large sleeves to model garment styles historically worn by monks. 

We have albs for altar servers of all Christian denominations. Shop our servers albs online or give us a call to ask about our full selection of albs!