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Brass Sanctuary Light Stand Tulip Style -
Acolyte Candlestick
Acolyte Candlestick Product No. K-137
Altar Candelabra
Altar Candelabra Product No. K-752-7
Sanctuary Lamp Only Product No. K-179
Candle Bracket
SKU K-525-CS
Candlestick Product No. K-525-CS
SKU K-147
Candlestick Product No. K-147
Candlestick Product No. K-312
SKU K-480
Candlestick Product No. K-480
Candlestick Product No. K-526
Candlestick Product No. K-544-CS
Candlestick Product No. K-750
Candlestick Product No. K-15
Candlestick Product No. K-522
Candlestick Product No. K-535-CS
Candlesticks Product No. K-17-CS
SKU K-157
Starting at $155.00
Counter Balance
Starting at $1,535.00
Counter Balance
Starting at $1,835.00
Dedication Candle Bracket
Dedication Wall Bracket
Dedication Wall Bracket Product No. K-185
Devotional Candle Holder
SKU K-486-7
7-Light Floor Candelabra Product No. K-486-7
Floor Candle Holder
Floor Candle Holder Product No. K-491
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Church candles are used to cast a heavenly glow, enriching the congregation’s spiritual experience. Church candle holders not only provide a safe vessel for the candles, they make a statement about their significance in the church. T. H. Stemper recognizes the importance of proudly displaying church candles. We provide a huge selection of church candle holders in a variety of sizes, materials and designs. Our line of church candle holders include, wall candle holders, candle brackets, altar candelabra, floor candelabra, floor candle holders, votive stand, globe candle holder, hanging sanctuary lamps and other church candle accessories. Floor, altar, wall or hanging, whatever your church candle holder needs, you’re sure to find all your church supplies at T. H. Stemper. We have an incredible selection of modestly priced religious products, always providing our customers with best value in church supplies and religious gifts.

Buy church candle holders and accessories below or shop our complete line of sanctuary appointments for sale online.