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SKU 200-33
Lectern Product No. 200-33
Starting at $2,915.00
SKU 327
Adjustable Lectern Product No. 327
Starting at $2,110.00
SKU 6500
Lectern Product No. 6500
Starting at $3,020.00
SKU 6550
Lectern Product No. 6550
Starting at $2,745.00
SKU 650
Pulpit Product No. 650
Starting at $5,325.00
SKU 630
Pulpit Product No. 630
Starting at $5,215.00
SKU 5025
Pulpit Product No. 5025
Starting at $2,870.00
SKU 328A
Lectern Product No. 328A
Starting at $2,715.00
SKU 360
Pulpit Product No. 360
Starting at $5,215.00
SKU 5020
Lectern Product No. 5020
Starting at $2,110.00
SKU 2985
Lectern Product No. 2985
Starting at $1,755.00
SKU 2020
Lectern Product No. 2020
Starting at $3,915.00
SKU 336
Lectern Product No. 336
Starting at $2,715.00
SKU 1420
Lectern Product No. 1420
Starting at $4,070.00
SKU 2955
Lectern Product No. 2955
Starting at $750.00
SKU 2950
Lectern Product No. 2950
SKU 324
Music Stand Product No. 324
SKU 3200
Lectern Product No. 3200
Starting at $2,015.00
SKU 3000
Lectern Product No. 3000
Starting at $1,895.00
SKU 320
Lectern Product No. 320
Starting at $1,395.00
SKU 320B
Lectern Product No. 320B
Starting at $1,695.00
SKU 323
Adjustable Lectern Product No. 323

Church Pulpits and Lecterns for Sale Online by T.H. Stemper

Spreading the good news of the Gospel is essential to the mission of every church. As such, lecterns are some of the most important pieces of furniture in any parish. The styles of lecterns and pulpits available to churches are nearly as assorted as the individuals who stand behind them as lectors. T.H. Stemper offers a similarly wide selection of pulpits of varying sizes, shapes, finishes and styles.

Lectern Style Options available

All of our pulpits and lecterns come with several finish options, from cherry or walnut stains to polished or satin brass or bronze. Classically ornate styles with pedestal tops will add old world elegance to your church while modern styles lend a beautiful modesty to the sanctuary. 

Stemper will supply several attractive lamp styles for attachment to nearly all of our lectern models.

Lamp Size and Décor Options

  • 1180 - 6” x 16” Brass Lectern Lamp
  • 1179 - 7” x 14” Brass Lectern Lamp
  • 1178 - 7” x 12” Brass Lectern Lamp

Brass lectern lamps for lecterns and pulpits

Additionally, we offer two options of brass cross adornments for our pulpits:

  • 4” x 8” Brass Cross
  • 6” x 16” Brass Cross

Brass crosses availble for mounting to lecterns & pulpits

Order Church Lecterns and browse a variety of religious furniture T.H. Stemper online today!