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Mass Linen Sets

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Altar Linen Set Product No. 11-29
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Altar Linen Set Product No. 11-25
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Altar Linen Set Product No. 11-41
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Altar Linen Set Product No. 11-120
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Altar Linen Set Product No. 11-163
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Mass Linen Set Product No. 11-83

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Stempers Church Supplies offers beautifully embroidered mass linens for sale online or in our Milwaukee Church supply store. These elegant church linens are available for chalice pall use as well as for use on altars. Choose from traditional IHS gold embroidery, finished with lace detail or select a white embroidered Latin cross design with alpha, omega, chi and rho. Get the highest quality church linens from Stempers Church Supplies. As one of the largest suppliers of religious gifts and church supplies, we are able to provide you with the biggest selection at the best value.

Traditional Catholic Altar Linens & Cloths

While altar linens are commonly used across all denominations and Christian religions, they hold a much higher level of significance for Catholics. Because the altar linens are used in the preparation and storage of the Eucharist, extreme dedication is given to their care and preparation. Normally embroidered, the altar cloths consist of 4 components: the chalice pall, corporal, purificator and lavabo finger towel. The chalice pall is commonly stiffened and used to cover the chalice containing the Blood of Christ. The corporal is placed under the chalice and host on the altar to gather any bits of host or wine. The purification is used to clean the chalice when finished. The lavabo finger towel is used to dry the celebrant's hands after they have been rinsed.

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