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Low Gluten Pyx - 8 Host Cap Product No. K-123-8
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Low Gluten Pyx - 12 Host Cap Product No. K-123-12
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Order of Penance Product No. 528/22
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6" Single Chain Censer Product No. C577-190
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Hard Case Mass Kit Product No. 903
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Shop New and Used Church Supplies for Sale Online

T.H. Stemper Co. is a one-stop religious store in Milwaukee, WI. We have a huge variety of new and used church supplies for sale in-store and online for all Christian denominations. Shop our Catholic church suppliesOrthodox church supplies and Pentecostal church supplies for sale online and buy religious gifts, biblescandles and religious apparel all in one convenient place. We carry the most sought-after church goods from reputable manufacturers. Our massive inventory of religious goods allows us to offer high-quality religious products at better prices than our competitors. Whatever you’re on the hunt for - we have it, we’ll find it, or it doesn’t exist.

Discover Church Good Consignment

Church consolidations, closings and remodels can put high-quality church supplies out of use. T.H. Stemper Co. helps repurpose previously-owned Christian church supplies including:

Whether new church supplies are out of your price range or you need a furniture style no longer being manufactured, we have what you need.

Buy Sanctuary Appointments

Religious celebrations require sanctuary essentials, such as:

The right sanctuary appointment deepens your congregation’s religious experience. If you don’t find the Christian church supplies you’re looking for, let us know – we’ll find them for you.  

Religious Apparel and Vestments 

Chasuble for sale online

Religious ceremonies, liturgical seasons and special occasions call for special vestments. Whether you want the exceptional quality of Solivari Albs or the comfort of Roomey Toomey clergy shirts, we sell every piece of religious clothing you could ever need. Our wide variety of church wear includes:

Whether you’re a priest, pastor, deacon or active parish member, we have the religious clothes and accessories for you. If you’re looking for a custom chasuble, use our “Build Your Own Chasuble” service.

Shop Bibles and Liturgical Books Online

Religious books are a fundamental element of individual and church-based worship. T.H. Stemper Co. sells an abundance of religious books for every application, from church leaders to individual worship and everything in between. Our selection of liturgical books includes:

Bring the word of the Lord into your home or congregation with an endless range of religious publications available at T.H. Stemper.

Catholic Store in Milwaukee

Church chalice for sale from T.H. Stempers

T.H. Stemper Co. has everything you need when it comes to church supplies. Whether you’re looking for disposable communion cups, stearin candles, church chalices or religious statue restoration services, we’re here to help. We’ve been finding religious treasures since 1911. When another religious store says your request is impossible, reach out to the specialists at T.H. Stemper Co. 

Contact T.H. Stemper Co. and shop our used church supplies for sale online.