Church Statues and Sacred Vessel Restoration Services

Has your church’s sanctuary lost its luster? Are some of the heirloom pieces damaged or faded? Do they not blend in with current decor? We have one of the country’s largest assortments of new church supplies . BUT we know there are often sentimental reasons – and sometimes budgetary constraints – which make replacing these church appointments difficult. We offer our restoration services to churches and collectors nationwide. Talk to us about refinishing brass and bronze church appointments; replating sacred vessels like chalices and ciboria in 24K gold or sterling silver; or customizing church appointments using your existing items. In addition, we can restore religious statuary in plaster, wood or outdoor bronze and marble to their original luster, or modify the church statues to match existing decor. Our Milwaukee based experts will be happy to discuss the various options available and the processes, time frames and costs involved restoring sacred vessels, replating brass & bronzestatues, and general restoration services.

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