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Ceremonial of Bishops
Ceremonial of Bishops Product No. 978081461818
SKU K-604
Advent Wreath Product No. K-604
SKU K-611
Starting at $2,045.00
SKU K-556
SKU ZZ3734
Advent Wreath Product No. ZZ3734
Advent Wreath Product No. ZZ3925B
Starting at $970.00
SKU ZZ3964
Advent Wreath Product No. ZZ3964
SKU ZZ1937
Advent Wreath Product No. ZZ1937
Starting at $910.00
SKU ZZ3918
Advent Wreath Product No. ZZ3918
SKU ZZ3915
Brass Sanctuary Light Stand Tulip Style -
Gold Sprinkler Product No. 4341G
Sprinkler Product No. 7673G
Sprinkler Product No. 8180G
Sprinkler Product No. 9049G
Sprinkler Sand Holder
Sprinkler Sand Holder Product No. 7675G
Acolyte Candlestick
Acolyte Candlestick Product No. K-137
SKU K-553
Advent Wreath Product No. K-553
Advent Wreath Top Section Only
Advent Wreath - Top Section Only Product No. K-611-WREATH
Advent Wreath
Advent Wreath Product No. K-177
Advent Wreath
Starting at $610.00
Advent Wreath
Advent Wreath Product No. K-178
SKU K-557
Advent Wreath Product No. K-557
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Shop sanctuary appointments

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What are sanctuary appointments?

A sanctuary appointment is any non-furniture religious object found inside a church or religious facility. 

Candles, wreaths & more essentials for religious sacraments & events

Different religious occasions require different sanctuary essentials. T.H. Stemper Co. carries wreaths for Advent mass, candles for weddings, baptismal accessories, bishop appointment essentials and more. No matter the sacrament or religious ceremony, we have everything needed for your blessed day. 

Our extensive inventory includes:

  • pew torches
  • stunning church bells and chimes
  • detailed Station of the Cross pieces
  • humble offering boxes
  • beautiful Advent wreaths
  • holy water fonts
  • elegant Ablution cups
  • holy water pots and sprinklers

...and so much more. Deepen your congregation’s sanctuary appointment experience with religious embellishments from our incredible selection of sanctuary appointment supplies.

Shop all of our sanctuary appointment essentials below or shop our line of church supplies or religious memorabilia and gifts.