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SKU C701-012
Oil Stock Product No. C701-012
SKU C701-063
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SKU 701-065
SKU 701-064
SKU #2001
SKU 701-051
SKU C701-199
SKU C707-709
Altar Cross - 13 1/2" Product No. C707-709
SKU C701-106
SKU C701-183
Restored Candlesticks - 14" Product No. C701-183
SKU C701-171
Restored 7-Lite Candelabra Product No. C701-171
SKU C701-172
Restored 3-Lite Candelabra Product No. C701-172
SKU C701-170
SKU C701-121
SAVE $87.00
REG. $525.00
SKU C701-162
SAVE $800.00
REG. $3,790.00
SKU C701-160
Restored Holy Water Font Product No. C701-160
SKU C701-156
Restored Candlesticks - 24" Product No. C701-156
SKU C700-149
Restored Altar Crucifix - 15" Product No. C700-149
SKU C700-150
Restored 5-Lite Candelabra Product No. C700-150
SKU C700-155
SKU C701-153
SKU Z5X832
SKU C701-143
Restored Tabernacle Product No. C701-143
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Has your church’s sanctuary lost its luster? Are some of the heirloom pieces damaged or faded? Do they not blend in with current decor?

While T.H. Stemper Company has one of the country’s largest assortments of new church supplies from which to choose, we recognize there are often sentimental reasons – and sometimes budgetary constraints – which make replacing these church appointments difficult. It is with that in mind that we offer our Restoration Services for your valuable church supplies.

Talk to us about refinishing brass and bronze church appointments; replating sacred vessels like chalices and ciboria in 24K gold or sterling silver; or customizing church appointments using your existing items. In addition, we can restore religious statuary in plaster, wood or outdoor bronze and marble to their original luster, or modify the church statues to match existing decor.

Our in-store church supply experts will be happy to discuss the various options available and the processes, time frames and costs involved in each.