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SKU 79867040
Lilium Paschal Candle Product No. 79867040
Starting at $216.00
SKU 79986726
Lilium Altar Candles (Pair) Product No. 79986726
Starting at $14.00
Cross of Erin Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
Cross of Erin Paschal Candles Product No. 79104001
Starting at $148.00
Ascension Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
Ascension Paschal Candles Product No. 79404001
Starting at $187.00
Way of the Cross Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
Starting at $216.00
12 Apostles Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
12 Apostles Paschal Candles Product No. 79604001
Starting at $194.00
Evangelium Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
Evangelium Paschal Candles Product No. 79704001
Starting at $230.00
Cross of Erin Altar Candles- 1.5 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $89.00
Ascension Altar Candles - 1.5 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $109.00
Way of the Cross Altar Candles - 1.5 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $116.00
12 Apostles Altar Candles - 1.5 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $113.00
Evangelium Altar Candles - 1.5 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $123.00
Plain Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Plain Paschal Candles Product No. 80002001
Starting at $42.15
Ornamented Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Ornamented Paschal Candles Product No. 80102001
Starting at $99.25
He Is Risen Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
He Is Risen Paschal Candles Product No. 80302001
Starting at $66.80
Benedictine Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Benedictine Paschal Candles Product No. 80402001
Starting at $73.45
Holy Trinity Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Holy Trinity Paschal Candles Product No. 80502001
Starting at $101.15
Christ Victorious Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Starting at $101.15
Easter Glory Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Easter Glory Paschal Candles Product No. 80702001
Starting at $104.30
Cross of the Lamb Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Starting at $92.20
SKU 80862020
Good Shepherd Paschal Candles Product No. 80862020
Starting at $104.30
Sacred Heart Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Sacred Heart Paschal Candles Product No. 80863020
Starting at $104.30
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Shop Lent and Easter Seasonal Church Supplies Online

Station of the Cross VIIILent and Easter commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior. Starting on Ash Wednesday and ending with Eastertide, there are many ways to celebrate during this time. These religious holidays are celebrated by many Christian sects around the world. During this special season, churches are decorated with beautiful Lenten banners, custom Easter bulletins, palm fronds, paschal candles, and other seasonal occasion décor. T. H. Stemper has the best selection of exceptional Easter and Lent seasonal church supplies and decorations, including:

T. H. Stemper offers the best selection at the best prices to always give you superior value. Adorn your church during these important religious holidays with our specialty seasonal church goods for Lent and Easter.

Shop Lent and Easter Seasonal Church Supplies below or shop our complete selection of seasonal church products.

Lenten Banners to Inspire Reflection in the Sanctuary

Cross and PalmsThe Easter season truly begins with the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The most important dates to remember for 2021 are:

  • Ash Wednesday: February 17th
  • Lent: February 17th – April 3rd
  • Palm Sunday: March 28th
  • Holy Monday-Wednesday: March 29th-March 31st
  • Maundy Thursday: April 1st
  • Good Friday: April 2nd
  • Holy Saturday: April 3rd
  • Easter Sunday: April 4th

In Lent, we reflect on Christ’s suffering for our salvation. It’s why we fast or give up luxuries or collect alms. Stempers’ Lenten banners in your sanctuary turn your parishioners’ thoughts to what He endured for them in the Garden of Gethsemane, the trial before Pilate, and the pain of Golgotha. Imagery includes an emblazoned crown of thorns with nails or an Alpha and Omega as pendilia cross.

Holy Week Vigil Supplies

St. Augustine called Easter the “mother of all vigils”. The oldest and most revered service in Christendom, Easter’s Holy Days glorify Christ’s saving work on the cross, and his defeat of death for your parishioners. T. H. Stemper understands the significance of adorning the church with exceptional religious holiday decorations made to last all of Holy Week. We have long been a provider of supplies to help Christian congregations properly celebrate the miracle of Easter.

Illuminate Your Easter Celebration with Liturgical Candles

Commemorate Christ as a brilliant light in the darkness with our selection of candles for Easter and Lent. Ornate paschal candles are available in Benedictine style, ornamented, Investiture, Divine Mercy and more. You can use them for all three days of the Sacred Paschal Triduum because they are crafted for longevity and consist of 51% beeswax. Congregational tapers are also available from 9 inches to 18 inches. For candlelight services, you can purchase candlelight vigil sets of up to 425 candles.

Among our collection are hand-painted Eximious paschal candles. These beautiful candlesticks are made from 51% beeswax and have unique artistry. Each is hand-crafted and then painted so no two candles are exactly alike.

See our wide inventory of Lent and Easter church supplies for sale online!