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T.H. Stempers Sells Ash Wednesday Catholic Church Products

Ashes and Ash Holders for Sale Online

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”Genesis 3:19

Ash Wednesday denotes the beginning of the Lenten season for Western Christians. In 2021, the event will be observed on February 17th. Begin your church’s observation of Christs 40 days of temptation by leading them to grieve their sins and failures. In Job 42: 3-6 we read of Job’s repentance through marking his forehead with ashes. Jeremiah called the children of Israel to repentance in the face of God’s wrath against their unfaithfulness with ashes as well.

Stempers is proud to be a leading purveyor of ashes for the repentance of congregants throughout the country. Pure palm leaf ashes are concentrated and pouched for vivid marking. They remind your parishioners of their futility before Christ and demonstrate their commitment to Christ to outsiders.

Ash Vessels, Holders and Ablution Cups

T.H. Stemper is a trusted provider of ash vessels for Catholic Churches throughout the U.S. We carry intricately caneworked ash holders. They double as ablution cups, so you save your parish money by reusing it throughout the liturgical year. Stemper is honored to be part of your Ash Wednesday, Lent, Sacred Paschal Tridium, and Easter celebrations in 2021. Trust in our quality artifacts at affordable prices to serve your parishioners and bring honor to our Lord.

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