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Used Religious Crosses and Crucifixes for Homes, Schools, and Churches for Sale

Crucifix - 26" Product No. C421-155
SKU C238-009
Standing Crucifix - 59" Product No. C238-009
SKU 4K5994
28" Woodcarved Crucifix Product No. C421-624
23 1/2" Crucifix Product No. C686-082
SKU 13R59E
22-1/2" Cast Aluminum Cross Product No. C970-107
SKU C876-045
SKU C630-005
SKU C421-996
18" Wood Carved Crucifix Product No. C421-996
SKU C012-007
37" ANRI Wood Carved Crucifix Product No. C012-007
SKU C555-097
25 1/2" Bone Carved Crucifix Product No. C555-097
SKU C555-098
SKU C421-1080
SKU C911-104
SKU C911-088
SKU C911-086
23 3/4" Hand Carved Crucifix Product No. C911-086
SKU C911-085
19 1/2" Wood Carved Crucifix Product No. C911-085
SKU C073-005
12" Satin Bronze Chi Rho Product No. C073-005

Shop for Religious Vintage Crosses and Crucifixes

Crosses have been used as a symbol for Christianity dating back to the fourth century. Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran & Eastern Orthodox churches observe the cross as a sign of Jesus’s love and sacrifice. Selecting the right cross or crucifix to adorn your home, school, property, or church is an intimate process. T.H. Stemper Co. is certain that we can provide the perfect vintage cross to meet your needs. Choose from a selection of styles, including:

Wooden cross with a palm leaf

Consignment Crosses and Crucifixes as Sacramental Gifts

T.H. Stemper Co.’s antique crosses make the perfect gift for your loved ones experiencing a religious sacrament, including baptism, first communion, confirmation, or marriage. Our online church supply offers a variety of crosses to choose from, including:

Our crosses come in different sizes, styles and materials to suit your specific religious décor needs.

Other Pre-Owned Statuary and Art Available

T.H. Stemper Co. offers a diverse selection of other religious memorabilia to enrich your home. Our collection of decorative statues includes both indoor and outdoor garden statuary. Station of the Cross statuary is available to you in a range of designs. Shop our antiques, last suppers, and Stations of the Cross. Find the religious statuary to meet your specific needs at T.H. Stemper Co.

Contact T.H. Stemper to order our consignment crosses and crucifixes online or shop our entire selection of church supplies or religious gifts.