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Church Statue Restoration Service

Expert Religious Statue Restoration and Repair at T.H. Stemper Co.

Our skilled artisans work to achieve superior restoration of your most beloved wood, plaster and marble church statues. Church statue restoration is a three-step process, and the cost of restoration is directly related to the unique process required to restore your specific statue. We consider several factors, such as if your religious statue can be restored in a cost-effective way, if restoration requires stripping the old finish, and what the drying requirements and new paint preferences are for your statue. 

Assessment: A skilled artisan examines the statue's material, structural condition, surface damage and any previous restoration attempts. 

Cleaning: The statue is carefully cleaned to remove dirt, grime and pollutants. The cleaning process varies depending on the statue's material and condition. Gentle methods are employed to avoid causing any damage.

Repair: If the statue has any visible damage such as chips, cracks or missing pieces, the restoration expert will use specialized materials and techniques to restore the structural integrity of the statue, ensuring that the repairs blend seamlessly with the original artwork.

Surface Restoration: This step involves addressing any issues with the statue's surface, such as paint loss, fading or flaking. The restoration expert carefully removes previous layers of paint, revealing the original surface, and then meticulously restores the colors and finishes to match the statue's original appearance.

Detailing and Finishing: During this stage, the artisan focuses on fine details, such as facial features, clothing, or ornaments, ensuring that each element is meticulously restored. This may involve delicate painting, gilding or other decorative techniques.

Protective Coating: To safeguard the restored statue and preserve its appearance, a protective coating may be applied. This coating helps protect the artwork from environmental stressors such as UV rays, moisture or dust, ensuring its longevity and continued beauty.

We'll work with you to make sure you approve our restoration plan, and we'll restore your statue at the best possible price. 

Religious Statue Restoration

Our religious statue restoration service is dedicated to preserving and restoring the beauty and historical significance of religious statues in churches. We understand the importance of these sacred artworks and the impact they have on the worship experience. Through meticulous craftsmanship and expertise, we offer comprehensive restoration services to return church statues to their former glory. 

T.H. Stemper Co.'s skilled artisans work with statues measuring 36" and taller.

Send us pictures of your religious statue in need of restoration or repair using the contact form on this page. We'll send you a FREE quote on the estimated cost of restoration or repair for your statue.