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SKU 5248SS/24S
Shamrock Product No. 617759385069
Starting at $72.75
SKU 5401SS/18SS
Miraculous Product No. 617759789492
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5402SS/18SS
Scapular Product No. 617759788235
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5403SS/18SS
St. Christopher Product No. 617759794748
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5404SS/18SS
St. Jude Product No. 617759790757
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5405SS/18SS
St. Ann Product No. 617759797053
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5406SS/18SS
St. Joseph Product No. 617759791389
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5407SS/18SS
Guardian Angel Product No. 617759793062
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5408SS/18SS
St. Anthony of Padua Product No. 617759795790
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5409SS/18SS
St. Theresa Product No. 617759787603
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5410SS/18SS
O/L of Perpetual Health Product No. 617759788860
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5411SS/18SS
Heart / Cross Product No. 617759794113
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5414SS/18SS
St. Ann Product No. 617759796421
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5415SS/18SS
Cross Product No. 617759804539
Starting at $67.00
SKU 5417SS/18SS
Crucifix Product No. 617759864885
Starting at $64.25
SKU 5418SS/18SS
Cross Product No. 617759803907
Starting at $71.00
SKU 5419SS/18SS
Cross Product No. 617759803273
Starting at $72.00
SKU 5421SS/18SS
Crucifix Product No. 617759864250
Starting at $88.50
SKU 5422SS/18SS
O/L of Guadalupe Product No. 617759817003
Starting at $66.50
SKU 5422E
O/L of Guadalupe Product No. 617759773156
SKU 5424SS/18SS
Crucifix Product No. 617759769876
Starting at $87.25
SKU 5425SS/24S
St. Camillus of Lellis Product No. 617759746426
Starting at $80.50
SKU 5426SS/24S
St. Patrick Product No. 617759893335
Starting at $80.50
SKU 5429SS/24S
O/L of Guadalupe Product No. 617759779882
Starting at $120.50
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Shop Bliss Jewelry Online - Catholic & Religious Pendants & Medals

Bliss Jewelry is a way to outwardly express your Christian faith. Men, women, and children can all find something beautiful to wear. Jewelry pieces include images of Christ, saints, and other religious symbols. T.H. Stemper is an approved online retailer of Bliss items including:

Bliss Jewelry Collection

Bliss does more than just jewelry. They create:

These items are a beautiful addition to any Christian home or vehicle. The crib medals are great baptism gifts. And visor clips with St. Christopher are ideal for regular travelers or new drivers. Order your religious jewelry online now.

Jewelry is made from:

  • Sterling silver
  • Gold filled and gold plate
  • Silver filled and silver plate
  • Aluminum
  • Pewter
  • Brass

Bliss Patron Saint Medals for Sale

T. H. Stemper has an extensive selection Patron Saint medals and pendant jewelry by Bliss. Different saints represent professions, military branches, and hobbies. Use a Bliss pendant to call upon specific saints or blessed persons.

Shop religious Bliss Jewelry online or view our entire line of Christian jewelry.