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Lily Chasuble - 8 Colors Available

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Chasuble with Lily Embroidery

The lily has long represented purity through a vast number of religions and cultures. In Christianity, the lily has come to represent many things; including the purity and grace of the Virgin Mary, the Resurrection of Christ (Easter Lilys in particular), the Immaculate Conception, and even Christ himself. This quality chasuble places a quality embroidered lily front and center on the vestment (optionally on the back as well), and is available in a range of colors. The chasuble polyester chasuble is durable and breathable. It resists wrinkling, so whether you're pulling it out of your travel garment bag or from the back of your wardrobe, it will look pressed right off the vestment hanger.

T.H. Stemper is a complete supplier of liturgical vestments and accessories, and will provide you with the necessary albs and stoles to be worn under our quality chasubles.

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