Church Statue Restoration

Antique Religious Statues Expertly Restored by Church Supply Company

"They just don't make church statues like they use to."

"The cost of a new church statue today is very high."

"Models and subjects are limited and the specialized technique of painting these statues is difficult to find."

All the above reasons are exactly why we restore church statues. Whether it is wood, plaster or marble, we have found the proper artisans to accomplish superior restoration. Church statue restoration is a three-step process. The cost is also directly affected by this process. We ask these questions: Can the antique religious statues be repaired, and is it cost-effective to restore? Does the church statue require stripping off the old finish? If so, what is the needed drying time? How does the customer want the religious statue painted or finished? We will actively work with you to identify all of these factors to ensure you get the highest quality at the best value.

Contact our church statues restoration department for any queries relating to our restorative services available for a variety of religious statuary.