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Sculptwax Collection

Holy Trinity Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Holy Trinity Paschal Candles Product No. 80502001
Starting at $101.15
Christ Victorious Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Starting at $101.15
Cross of the Lamb Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Starting at $92.20
SKU 80862020
Good Shepherd Paschal Candles Product No. 80862020
Starting at $104.30
Sacred Heart Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Sacred Heart Paschal Candles Product No. 80863020
Starting at $104.30
SKU 80952502
Starting at $74.55
Christ Victorious Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $74.55
Sacred Heart Altar Candles - 2 x 17 (Pair)
Starting at $86.60
Cross of the Lamb Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $83.95
The Good Shepherd Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $74.55
SKU 80864020
Jubilation Paschal Candles Product No. 80864020
Starting at $104.30
Jubilation Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $74.55
SKU 80865020
Starting at $121.05
SKU 80986525
Starting at $74.55
Crux Trinitas
Crux Trinitas Paschal Candles Product No. 80868020
Starting at $101.15
SKU 80986825
Starting at $74.55
Messiah Paschal
NEW!!! Messiah Paschal Candle Product No. 80869020
Starting at $101.15
Messiah Side Altar Candles
Starting at $74.55

Sculptwax Collection Provide Three-Dimensional Artwork

Sculptwax Paschal candles from T.H. Stemper are exquisitely designed and manufactured. Each is created with meticulous and skilled care, using rich colored blend of hard-cast wax. The three-dimensional effect is extremely impressive. Each design is beautifully interpreted. The process begins with wax being poured into precast mold. Precise hand painting is the final step, resulting in a unique expression of worship and devotion to Christ. The Paschal candle represents the presence of Christ Who will be with His people now and forever.

Long Burning 51% Beeswax Paschal Candles

Each Sculptwax candle is formulated from 51% beeswax for excellent brightness and burn length. It provides excellent, smoke-free lighting. Many church historians credit St. Ambrose with launching the tradition of Paschal candles in the third century. Sculptwax Paschal candles will help bring the devotion of the early church to your Easter celebratory service. T.H. Stemper is proud to offer these outstanding Sculptwax Paschal candles to further bring to mind the eternal light of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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