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Classic Collection

Plain Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Plain Paschal Candles Product No. 80002001
Starting at $44.15
Ornamented Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Ornamented Paschal Candles Product No. 80102001
Starting at $103.90
Benedictine Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Benedictine Paschal Candles Product No. 80402001
Starting at $76.90
Easter Glory Paschal Candle - 1-1/2 x 34
Easter Glory Paschal Candles Product No. 80702001
Starting at $104.30
Ornamented Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $77.30
Easter Glory Altar Candles - 1-1/2 x 12 (Pair)
Starting at $74.55
Coronation of Christ Paschal Candle
Starting at $76.90
SKU 80867020
Divine Mercy Paschal Candles Product No. 80867020
Starting at $76.90
SKU 80986625
Starting at $77.30
Prince of Peace Paschal Candle
Starting at $76.90

Classic Paschal Candle Collection Available in Many Sizes and Styles

Classic Paschal candles from T.H. Stemper are a perfect touch for your Easter worship celebration. A variety of sizes are available. One will be perfect to suit your precise needs. The candles are available from 1 ½” to 3 ½” in diameter and from 34” to 62” in height. They are 51% beeswax and are used for the Easter Vigil, baptisms, weddings and funerals. The Paschal candle is blessed and lit each Mass until Pentecost.

Triumphant Easter Celebrations Need Beautiful Altar Candles

Ornamental Paschal candles are also available in pairs to enhance the presence of the Paschal candle. These are 12 inches tall and can be a perfect touch to further accent your worship experience. T.H. Stemper has the exact Paschal candles you need for your triumphant Easter celebration. Shop our entire online selection for beautifully hand-crafted Paschal candles at truly excellent prices. The selection and quality of our Paschal candles is the best you’ll find in the market.

Shop all paschal candles for sale online from T. H. Stemper Co to find the perfect one for you church.