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Sanctuary Appointments

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SKU C363-026
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6" Single Chain Censer Product No. C577-190
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Holy Water Pot with Cherub Product No. C911-031
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10" Brass 3 Chain Censer Product No. C911-061
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23" Brass Candlestick Product No. C421-991
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Adjustable Brass Banner Stand Product No. C975-037
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SKU C975-062
SKU C975-065
24 1/2" Brass Altar Crucifix Product No. C975-065
SKU C975-063
SKU C452-072
SKU C976-029
7" Cast Metal Incense Burner Product No. C976-029
SKU C710-464
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21 Light Votive Rack Product No. C981-002
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Used sanctuary appointments

Sanctuary appointments refer to the various objects and furnishings found in the main worship space of a church. A baptismal font is a basin used for the sacrament of baptism. A pedestal is a raised platform or stand used to display religious objects, such as a cross or Bible. A flower stand is a tall, narrow table used to display floral arrangements. A collection plate is a shallow dish used to collect donations during services. Candle snuffers are tools used to extinguish the flames of lit candles. These appointments not only serve practical purposes, but also enhance the aesthetic and spiritual atmosphere of the sanctuary. Shop our store wide selections at T.H. Stempers Co.