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SKU C061-056
Double Bowl Sacrarium Product No. C061-056
SKU C061-055
SKU C195-004
Padded Single Kneeler Product No. C195-004
SKU C066-002
50 Lite Votive Stand Product No. C066-002
SKU C066-001
16 Lite Votive Rack Product No. C066-001
SKU 81VL75
55 Lite Votive Stand Product No. 81VL75
SKU C710-602
SKU C508-011
Slabbinck Green Overlay Stole Product No. C508-011
SKU C508-012
SKU C368-015
12" Brass Candlestick Product No. C368-015
SKU C368-019
27" Porcelain Madonna Product No. C368-019
SKU C237-038
36 Lite Votive Rack Product No. C237-038
SKU C061-032
SKU C061-033
SKU C061-041
SKU C061-005
SKU C061-036
SKU C237-046
9 3/4" Single Chain Censer Product No. C237-046
SKU C237-045
7 3/4" Single Chain Censer Product No. C237-045
SKU C237-044
9 1/2" Single Chain Censer Product No. C237-044
SKU C237-041
33" St. Anne & Child Product No. C237-041
SKU C237-043
SKU C237-035
58" Copper Sanctuary Stand Product No. C237-035
SKU C237-034
Brass Book of Gospel Cover Product No. C237-034
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Used Church Products for Sale Online

The Stemper Religious Products and Church Supplies Consignment Center has many used and secondhand products available for sale. We continually have new items available including:

Contact T.H. Stemper to learn more about our ever-changing inventory of used church furnishings. You can visit our Milwaukee store to see which pieces are available for viewing and purchase.

Buy and Sell Church Supplies Online

Whether you need church furniture or have supplies to sell, we will assist you in finding an affordable solution. We even provide sacred vessel refinishing services for consignment items you wish to have restored. Quotes upon request.

The majority of all the sales generated in our Consignment Center go back to the consignee. The seller earns money, the buyer saves money, and we have made sure the religious products are back in proper church use.

Browse our newest consignment products or contact our church consignment center online.