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Advent Wreaths

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Home Advent Wreaths & Holders for the Christmas Season

Tabletop Wreaths with Purple, Rose, and White Candles

Advent wreaths are a common fixture in churches and homes during the Christmas season. Some wreaths are decorated with evergreen; others are pewter Celtic crosses. T.H. Stemper has Advent wreaths and sets with rose pink, purple, white, and Sarum blue candles.

The Advent Wreath Tradition

Tabletop Advent WreathAdvent is the 40 day preparation leading up to the Nativity. A candle is lit on each Sunday leading up to Christmas. The candles are lit in a specific order:

  • First Sunday of Advent: Purple
  • Second Sunday of Advent: Purple
  • Third Sunday of Advent: Rose (pink)
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent: Purple

Certain Christian groups use Sarum blue candles instead of purple. Occasionally there is a fifth candle in white placed in the center of the wreath. You can find the right wreath for your home at T.H. Stemper.

Each Sunday represents a different theme:

  • First Sunday of Advent: Hope
  • Second Sunday of Advent: Peace
  • Third Sunday of Advent: Joy
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent: Love

Advent Wreaths and Candles for Home

Christians all have their own traditions when celebrating Advent. T.H. Stemper offers an evolving collection of Advent wreaths and accessories to meet everyone’s needs.

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