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Intinction Sets

Intinction Set for Sale (24kt Gold Plated)
Intinction Set Product No. K-608
Intinction Set
Starting at $495.00
Church Intinction Set for Sale (Gold Plated)
Intinction Set Product No. K-332
Intinction Set
Intinction Set Product No. K-408

Intinction Sets for Sale Online

Intinction sets are designed to allow congregants to easily dip their consecrated host into communion wine. T.H. Stemper has gold-plated intinction sets for celebrating the Eucharist.

Not every church practices intinction. T. H. Stemper understands each place of worship is unique; therefore, we offer a wide selection of matching church ware, such as:

Our communion supplies are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Contact T.H. Stemper to order matching pieces for your collection.

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