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Flagon - Polished Silver Product No. K-660
Flagon Product No. K-1268
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Flagon Product No. K-76
Pewter Flagon Product No. K-310-PEWTER
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Pewter Flagon Product No. K-367
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Imported Crystal Flagon Product No. K-951
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Imported Crystal Flagon Product No. K-947
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Imported Crystal Flagon Product No. K-946
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Imported Crystal Flagon Product No. K-941
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Imported Crystal Flagon Product No. K-942
SKU 9138
Handblown Glass Flagon Product No. 9138

Communion Flagons for Sale

Flagons are a traditional option for storing and serving Communion wine. The flagons from T.H. Stemper are available in several materials:

  • Silver
  • Pewter
  • Crystal
  • Handblown glass

Some of our flagons are gold- or silver-plated for extra decoration.

T. H. Stemper understands each place of worship is unique; therefore, we offer a wide selection of plain or decorative church ware, such as:

Our communion supplies come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to fit your church. Order your set online!

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