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Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2023-2024
As Low As $4.00
Out of Stock
ORDO - Chicago Edition - 2024
Out of Stock
ORDO - Spanish Edition - 2024
Out of Stock
Handbook for Proclaimers of the Word - 2024
As Low As $10.95
Out of Stock
El año de gracia 2024 calendario (Cuaderno laminado)
Out of Stock
Las familias católicas celebran el domingo 2023-2024
As Low As $4.00
Out of Stock
The Living Word 2023-2024
The Living Word 2023-2024 Product No. LWGR24
As Low As $30.00
Out of Stock
Liturgical Pocket Secretary Product No. LPS2024
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Seasonal Church Publications for Sale at T.H. Stemper

Annual Publications for 2017 at T.H. Stemper

2024 Annual Books, Guides, Reference Materials, and Calendars

Spreading the good news of the gospel is among the greatest missions for Christians to undertake. T.H. Stemper provides churches and parishioners with up-to-date annual literature, allowing them to keep up with designated readings and liturgy. We sell a wide range of liturgical guides and workbooks for children, teens, adults, teachers and families so all are free to participate in masses and ceremonies.

Liturgical Workbooks for Lectors, Teachers, Teens and Children

Religious workbooks sold by T.H. Stemper are invaluable resources for all ministers engaged in mass preparation and study. From contemporary daily prayer books for children to missals and lector handbooks, we have the essential resources to help deepen connections of lectors, instructors and children with the Word of the Lord. By employing our seasonal church publications and reference materials to support biblical study and preparation, you’ll gain access to features like:

  • Gospel citations and commentary
  • Historical backgrounds
  • In-text notes for speech emphasis
  • Pronunciation guides in margins
  • Meditational psalms
  • Clip art drawn from Gospel message
  • Educational tools

Handy Mass Record Books and Liturgical Calendars

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”-Proverbs 16:9

Scripture Guide and key

T.H. Stemper offers a variety of planners, record books, and calendars to properly manage readings, celebrations, and to schedule plans for the year. From personal daily planners to desk blotter-style calendars and colorful wall poster calendars, you’ll find all you need to keep track of your liturgical days at T.H. Stemper. Some of our options include:

  • Liturgical Desk Calendars
  • Ecumenical Daily Appointment Planners
  • Year of Grace Laminated Liturgical Calendar Poster
  • and more!

Training Guides for Lectors, Cantors, Ushers and Music MinistersAnnual Church Books

For a parish to fully accomplish its mission, a team of parishioners need to serve their roles in focused unison. We provide religious training guides to give members the ability involve themselves in the service and fulfill their callings to God. 

These pastoral and easy to understand guides provide the framework for both newcomers and veterans of ministry to the Lord.

In these guides, you’ll find features like:

  • Glossaries
  • Histories of the ministry
  • Liturgical Catechesis describing each minister’s role
  • Questions for discussion and personal reflection
  • FAQs
  • Resource lists
Please browse all of T.H. Stemper’s liturgical books and accessories!