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100% Beeswax Candles - 2" X 17" APE (Box of 2)

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Clean Burning 100% Beeswax Candles Are Smoke Free and Dripless

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Lighting a 100% beeswax candle for Protestant worship services, Orthodox Divine Liturgy or Catholic Mass is a pleasant experience. Not only is the honey like aroma calming, the bright, clear light given out is truly unique. An added benefit of pure beeswax candles is they emit no smoke. Churches burning beeswax candles like these two inch thick, 17 inch tall ones can count on a smoke-free interior without annoying black, sooty discoloration of the ceiling. Plus, they don’t drip, making wax stains on altar cloths a thing of the past.

In order to get the full benefit of non-dripping, non-smoking beeswax candles, be sure there are no drafts or air currents blowing on the candle and the candle must be standing perfectly erect. 100% beeswax altar candles will perform better than paraffin wax candles, but only if you take the time to prepare them properly.

Beeswax candles always burn clearly and brightly, but you must inspect and adjust them periodically to get maximum burn time. If your candles are positioned high up on a tall altarpiece or long candlesticks, be sure to check them periodically for improper burning.

Beeswax Candles for Home or Church Use

Many churches use 100% beeswax candles for their long burn time and as symbols of Christ. These beeswax candles, at only 17” long and with an all purpose end, are also ideal for use in the home. Equipping them with a follower and keeping them nice and straight lets individuals take advantage of the many benefits of beeswax candles over their paraffin counterparts.

Besides their long burn time, nice smell and clear flame, beeswax candles also provide health benefits. As they burn, candles made from 100% beeswax emit negative ions and purify the air. This makes them a great alternative to other candles for people who have allergies or asthma. Some individuals find burning a beeswax candle at home helps limit the symptoms of their asthma or allergy problems. When you buy your 100% beeswax candles from T. H. Stemper, know you’re getting a pure, natural product with no artificial dyes, colors, pigments or odors.

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