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Way of the Cross Altar Candles (Pair)

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Altar Candle Pairs with Way of the Cross Candles

These elegant 51% beeswax candles burn slowly and cleanly and are meant to pair with the Way of the Cross Paschal candle, which is also available at T.H. Stemper. Matching these candle products together gives a unified look to your altar atmosphere for the Easter season.

T.H. Stemper is your source for candles and accessories for your church. We have a wide variety of candle types, from stearine to oil or 100% beeswax.

These Candles are no longer guaranteed for Easter 2024. Please call to order.

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12 in. Candlelighter with Large Bell Snuffer
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SKU 9988
Wax Remover (32 oz.) Product No. 9988
Way of the Cross Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"
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