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Unbleached 51% Beeswax Altar Candles


Unbleached Altar Candles for Good Friday and Funerals

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Traditionally, unbleached candles represent penance and preparation. Services on Good Friday, funerals and church services during Advent and Lent are often held using unbleached beeswax altar candles. The yellowish color is more somber and lends an additional air of solemnity, strongly contrasting with the normal bright, joyful white candles used at other times. Some churches use unbleached candles exclusively during Holy Week, although the long burn times granted by our selection of candles mean only a few are required to last from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

All of the unbleached beeswax candles available for sale from T. H. Stemper Co. are made of 51% beeswax, making them suitable for use in Catholic and Orthodox rites. Bright and long burning, our selection of unbleached beeswax candles are perfect for liturgical use and will last for many celebrations. A variety of diameters and lengths are available to fit the candlesticks your church uses.

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