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Remembrance Paschal Candles

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SKUs: 79865040, 79865052, 79865045, 79865050, 79865060, 79865070, 79865150, 79865155, 79865200, 79865180, 79865250, 79865080, 79865065, 79865085, 79865100, 79865090, 79865110

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Paschal Candle Recalls Institution of the Eucharist

Paschal candles are a visible reminder of the Resurrection of Christ, occupying a place of honor in parishes from Easter Sunday until Pentecost. Only days before Easter Sunday, though, the Last Supper is celebrated. At the institution of the Eucharist, Christ makes Himself truly present to His faithful at every Mass.

Bring both events together this year with a Remembrance Paschal candle.

Featuring carefully carved representations of the Eucharistic sacrifice, the Remembrance Paschal candle perfectly unites two of the greatest mysteries of Christianity. While the flame of the candle reminds the congregation of His resurrection, the wax of the candle, normally symbolic of Christ’s sinless body, bears witness to the Eucharist. The symbolism of the Paschal candle itself containing references to the Eucharist makes the Remembrance a truly unique Paschal candle.

We even have matching altar candles available for a creating an extra beautiful sanctuary this year.

Don’t Forget the Candle Accessories for Proper Burning

Buying a new Paschal candle is a great time to make sure you have all the liturgical candle equipment you need. T.H. Stemper Co stocks a wide range of beautiful Paschal candle holders. Ranging in height from 28” up to 76”, you won’t find a better selection of candlesticks for your Paschal candle anywhere else.

Make sure your candle burns properly by covering it with the right sized follower. Candle followers keep the wax pooling at just the right rate to ensure a clean, smooth burn all the way down the length of the candle. They also prevent dripping, giving your sacristans one less thing to worry about.

When lighting or extinguishing a Paschal candle, be sure to use a lighter and snuffer. Our lighter/snuffer sticks combine both tools and eliminate the need to use a step stool or blow the candle out.

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18 in. Candlelighter/Snuffer
44" High Polish Bronze Paschal Candlestick
44" Paschal Candlestick Product No. 401-17A
Starting at $1,775.00
SKU 80999911
Two Remembrance 51% Beeswax Altar Candles
Starting at $97.00

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