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Sacred Vessel Brass and Bronze Refinishing

Sacred Vessel Brass and Bronze Refinishing BEFORE & AFTER GALLERY

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Sacred Vessel Brass and Bronze Refinishing Services Breathe Life into Dull, Damaged or Discolored Church Appointments

Stemper's has an extensive history of providing excellent church appointments and sacred vessel restorations services. Every year, we restore hundreds ofvalued church supplies and church appointments and have built a reputation on quality and value.

Quality church appointments are primarily brass, bronze, or a combination of both, with or without wood. Stempers Church Supplies restores church appointments and sacred vessels to their original finish or a similiar finish to compliment other items in your church. The cost is a fraction of purchasing new. The reason why your old bronze and brass church appointments have darkened to brown tones is because the protective lacquers used to seal the original finishes have worn off or cracked. This leaves the sacred vessels vulnerable to moisture which oxidizes the base metals.

Our sacred vessel refinishing process strips all remaining lacquer and oxidation from the base metals. The bronze or brass is then polished to either a satin or high polish (mirror) finish. The church appointments are then coated with a clear enamel and baked to a hardened protective finish. Our baked enamel finish is far superior to cold sprayed lacquers. They will last considerably longer than lacquered finishes.