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Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar 2019 Notebook Paper

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Year of Grace 2019 Calendar (Paper Notebook)
Corinna Laughlin, Illustrated by Cody F. Miller

In LTP’s circular display of the liturgical year, the key features are easily understandable: the liturgical seasons in their characteristic colors, Sundays on the outer rim, and the days and weeks radiating from the center. This year’s art, by Cody F. Miller, prophets and prophecy. In the four corners are four famous prophets: Deborah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel from the Old Testament and Anna from the New Testament. In the center, Christ bestows his prophetic Spirit on his disciples throughout the world.

The Year of Grace 2019 liturgical year follows the Sunday Year C cycle and the Weekday Year II cycle, beginning on December 2, 2018 (First Sunday of Advent) and ending on Saturday, December 1, 2019.

Use the Year of Grace calendar in many ways to teach about the liturgical year:

  • Give one to each catechumen and candidate.
  • Give one to each student in a class.
  • Give one to participants in catechist or other adult formation groups.
  • Recommend, give, or sell calendars to families to use as placemats.

Paper Notebook, Single Sheets, 17 x 11

Available in July!

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