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Way of the Cross Paschal Candles

Way of the Cross Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"

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Eximious Way of the Cross Paschal Candle

Reflect on the suffering of Jesus on the cross with this exquisite Eximious Way of the Cross Paschal candle. The gold cross has five markings for the wounds our Savior suffered – three in his feet and hands, a spear wound in His side and the crown of thorns on His head. The gold cross is truly and uniquely beautiful. The Stations of the Cross are artistically sculptured on both sides of the cross. The date is quite stylish. The Greek letters Alphas and Omega help worshippers remember the title of Christ in the Book of Revelation: “The Beginning and the End.” The specially formulated 51% beeswax blend assures brighter and longer life. Help your congregants ponder the monumental sacrifices made by Christ with the Way of the Cross Paschal candle from T.H. Stemper Co.

The "Way of the Cross" is an imposing 51% beeswax paschal candle created with precise - skilled handwork, that portrays the 14 stations of the cross in sculptured images of high relief. The brilliant cross with its faceted appearance of hand wrought gold is a strinking contrast to the rough cut, grey stone-like bands trimmed with burnished hand wrought silver. The "Way of the Cross" is an extraordinary pashcal candle complementing both traditional and contemporary church decors.

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