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Tau Cross Chasuble - 8 Colors Available

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Chasuble with Tau Cross Design for Sale

The Tau Cross, or sometimes called St. Anthony's Cross, is named after the Greek letter "T" which has been used as an interpretation of the cross shape. Saint Francis of Assissi used the symbol in his coat of arms, and the Tau has since been used to symbolize the Franciscan Order. This chasuble sold by T.H. Stemper bears the same symbol in elegant embroidery framed in olive branches to represent peace. Made from a lightweight polyester, this chasuble can be decorated with the emblem on either the front or the front and back. Our chasubles come in a range of colors to celebrate all liturgical seasons, and are available with no collar or a 3-1/2" roll collar.

T.H. Stemper is a leading provider of liturgical vestments and accessories. From albs to garment bags and collars, we have all the necessities for clergy members.

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