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Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle

Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle - 1 15/16" x 39"

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Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle

The Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle is an exquisite presentation of the Jerusalem Cross with four small surrounding crosses. Roughhewn copper caps the candle with colored bands. They are inscribed with the Green letters Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet. This proclaims the title of Jesus as “The Beginning and the End.” The bands also contain the Chi-Rho, one of the earliest christograms. The Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle from T.H. Stemper represents the crucifixion and symbolizes His position as the Christ. This candle is 51% beeswax allowing it to have a much brighter and longer-lasting flame. It is smoke-free.

Look at all the Eximious line of Paschal candles for Christian Easter celebrations offered by T. H. Stemper Co.

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