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Pronunciation Guide for the Lectionary, Second Edition

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This portable little guide provides easy-to-understand pronunciations for a multitude of words in the Lectionary for Mass for Sundays, weekdays, and ritual and votive Masses. From the most puzzling Old Testament names to tricky English words that don't follow the usual pronunciation patterns, this booklet will meet the needs of all psalmists and proclaimers of the word--veterans, novices, and speakers of English as a second language. It even provides help with Latin words in the Lectionary that psalmists, masters of ceremony, and presiders may need to pronounce during the liturgy.

The words are arranged alphabetically, as in a dictionary, with syllables separated and stressed syllables indicated by capitalization. Sounds are represented in the most simple, intuitive way (for example: queen = kween) with a minimum of phonetic symbols that are explained in a key. An introduction instructs and encourages proclaimers of the word on how to use the Guide as they prepare their proclamation.

Help all of your ministers of the word to be skillful and confident proclaimers by giving each a copy of this indispensable booklet and by keeping one on hand in the sacristy. All who love to read and discuss the word will find this an important resource.

Now including recently canonized saints for the United States and Canada, this guide offers easy-to-understand pronunciation aids for words in the full Lectionary for Mass.