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Paschal Candle Shells

11 Oil Filled Paschal Candle Shells

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Oil Filled Paschal Candles Are Dripless, Always the Same Height and Unbreakable

Paschal candles are a beautiful sign of the Resurrected Christ’s presence with His people. The candle’s flame represents Christ, the Light of the World, dispelling the darkness of sin. The problem with wax candles is they drip, sometimes burn unevenly and can droop or snap.

Oil filled Paschal candles retain all the symbolism without any of the problems of wax candles.

Our oil filled Paschal candles are nylon shells designed to look just like beeswax. The shells will never burn unevenly or cause wax to drip on the floor or altar because there is no wax to burn. Instead of solid paraffin or beeswax, these candles burn 99.4% pure liquid paraffin, an exceptionally clean burning and reliable fuel. You can count on long hours of service from our oil candles.

Unlike other oil candles, ours do not require messy in-candle refilling. Cleverly designed to use disposable fuel cartridges, these candle shells are very easy to refill. Just drop in a plastic oil container with built in wick and light it. You’ll never spill liquid paraffin all over the floor trying to fill a screw top oil candle shell again.

Save Money Every Easter with Oil Paschal Candles

Not only do oil filled Paschal candles save your sacristan the trouble of cleaning up wax drips, they also save money for years to come. Unlike normal wax candles which have to be replaced every Easter, you only need to buy a Paschal candle shell once and can reuse it for many Easter seasons.

You’ll also save money on fuel. Liquid paraffin is one of the least expensive candle oils available. A single paraffin oil cartridge can cost less than $4.00 and offer 25 hours of burn time. We have several sizes of oil cartridges available, ranging from a short 25 hour burn to an extra-long burning 170 hour cartridge.

The initial investment in an oil candle will more than pay for itself over the life of the candle. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about the candle burning unevenly and ruining itself partway through the Easter season.

Many Styles and Nail Colors Are Available

Since you will be using the same oil Paschal candle for many years to come, it is important to pick a shell your congregation will love. Fortunately, we have many styles to choose from. From simple and elegant to more ornate, get just the style you want.

We can even add an Easter Lilly or Paschal Lamb image to some of the shells.

Most wax Paschal candles only have red nails available. With our oil Paschal candles, you can choose from four colors: red, white, gold and green. Combined with your choice of Lilly or Lamb image, you can make a unique Paschal candle just for your congregation.

Browse all of the Paschal candles for sale or look for a great Paschal candle stand from T. H. Stemper Co.

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