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Journey Candles

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Journey Candles for the Lenten Season

Fos Aionios™: From the Greek language and meaning light Eternal. Ageless. Eternal. Timeless. Unending. Harking back to an era when tradition and symbolism were a cornerstone of fine craftsmanship, FOS AIONIOS™ Paschal Candles evoke a sense of quietly felt inspiration in both communicant and celebrant. Expanding the borders of old technology and with unfailing attention to detail, the designer of FOS AIONIOS™ candles has succeeded in merging traditional with modern, and has brought into being this treasury of candles to honor the Risen Christ. Of 51% beeswax, which insures excellent burning qualities, each pattern is fashioned entirely by hand from first step to last. Never mass-produced, FOS AIONIOS™ candles call the Paschal Celebration back to a simpler time, in memory of the Cross which never changes, and the Risen Christ, Who is the Light Eternal.

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