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God's Word, Your World! 2017-2018: Reflections and Actions to Share with Catholic Teens

Gods Word Your World

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Teaching Aid for CCD Instructors

God’s Word, Your World! 2017-2018: Reflections to Share with Catholic Teens
Jeffrey Kaster, Jessie Johnson, Kenzie Meagher Wilson, Andrew Mountin, Roger Pieper, Jena Thurow

Those who work with Catholic teens know that they are a unique group with profound capabilities and tremendous challenges. It is hard to know how to approach teens, and as a result, many parishes wind up retaining a small group of core youth ministry members while the rest of the parish teens seem to disappear. How can parishes talk to teenagers, especially those who don’t seem to be listening?

God’s Word, Your World! provides you with the ability to “speak teen,” communicating with all teens in your parish on their level. This CD-ROM contains one-page, Lectionary-based digital reproducible handouts for every Sunday and Holyday of Obligation. Each digital reproducible contains a Scripture reflection, a suggestion for action, and journaling questions. They can be printed out for handouts, e-mailed, blogged, put on a parish website, or shared on Facebook. This gives you a way to meet teens where they are and communicate about the things that they are facing in their daily lives.


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