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Gluten-Free Hosts

Gluten Free Altar Bread for Sale

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Altar Bread Gluten Free
Product Number: 7058
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Gluten-Free Communion Bread for Sale Online

There are approximately 50 gluten-free Eucharistic hosts per container. These altar breads measure 1 3/8" in diameter. Our one and only gluten-free communion wafers are made with sweet rice and potato flour.

Due to the high demand for gluten-free hosts, Ener-G Foods became the first to create a lightweight, plain, small, round communion wafer for those with gluten sensitivities. This gluten-free altar bread is not only offered for the bread breaking during holy communion, but also for congregation members.

When purchasing gluten-free hosts or low-gluten hosts, be sure to check out our ciboria attachments and religious amulets for seamless, non-verbal distribution of low gluten and gluten-free communion bread.

Buy gluten-free communion bread now or shop all our altar breads for sale online.

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