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GIFT Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving H.P. Gold

Gluten-Free Communion Church Vessel

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Gluten-Free Communion Pendants
Product Number: GL-214G
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This gluten-free communionware comes with high polished gold GIFT church vessel, 1 gold GIFT amulet and two plastic adhesive strips.

GIFT, or Gluten Intolerant Faithful Thanksgiving vessels, is the new simplified way to distribute holy communion to those who are gluten intolerat or have celiac disease. With this church vessel you can distribute gluten free hosts in a dignified manner without the worry of cross contamination. These gluten-free communion vessels are easily secured to most ciboria using a special plastic adhesive strip which will never scratch or damage the finish of the ciboria. With each GIFT vessel purchased (and available separately) you recieve two plastic adhesive strips and a special GIFT amulet to be worn by the members of the congregation with gluten-free needs for seemless, non-verbal distribution of the Eucharist. For more information please contact our online church supply store directly online or call (800)686-3610.

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